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byLineMine, October 1, 2013
JoomBri Freelance
The programmers have done a great job in a very short time with this one. If you look at the changelog on their site you can see how hard they have worked since it was launched, and its developed into a very complete component.
My only criticism is the lack of flexibility. It's evident from the forum that response to requests is often very quick and resulting changes have been made to the extension. However, I think that a better solution would have been to build more choice into the admin end, rather than changing the code to prefer one solution over another. Additionally, there are quite a few features built into the front end which definitely should be optional and more editable. Finally, I would echo a comment below and say that greater integration with Community Builder is a must.
Overall, however, this is a brilliant addition to Joomla's functionality, and will probably just get better and better.
byLineMine, July 16, 2013
Joom Donation
Some extensions and developers stand out from what is becoming a very crowded Joomla world. I have used several extensions by this developer, and they have all been very good, in terms of features, flexibility and reliability.
Joom Donation is a great extension. Its a simple concept, which can be extended and developed with plugins etc.
The support is first class, very quick and thorough, so a big thank you personally to Tuan here, who is really helpful and on the ball. I have been using Joomla extensions for 6 or 7 years, and this developer is one of the best out there.
byLineMine, February 27, 2013
Mosets Tree
I have used Mosets Tree for a few years now, on several sites, and I have been prompted to write this by the brilliant service provided by the developer, as well as the overall quality of the extension. Mosets Tree is in my view not only the best directory available for any open source CMS, it is also arguably the best extension in the Joomla world. The sheer range and depth of options and control is amazing, and Lee, the main developer, has just given Mosets Tree a major upgrade. As you might expect, there have been a few teething problems, but these have been sorted in a really thorough and professional way, via a series of bug fixes. Basically, when you buy Mosets Tree you don't just buy a fantastic directory extension, you also buy first class technical support of a quality which I suspect is hard to find at any price, and makes this extension a complete bargain! Hats off and a big thank you from a very grateful customer!
byLineMine, September 24, 2011
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Community Builder
I have been building Joomla sites for about 4 years, and have used a lot of extensions in that time. You quickly get a feeling for the good ones and not so good. Although CB isn't perfect ( I think too many options are hidden away inside other options etc, and the interface is perhaps a little dull, plus there are huge numbers of plugins etc to install ), I have found it to be stable, reliable and enormously powerful. You really can get this software to do what you want it to, as long as you take the time to read the documentation and work through the various options properly.
I noticed a couple of reviews complaining about paying for the add-ons/priority support. How can anyone expect an extension as huge and comprehensive as Community Builder to thrive without a proper revenue stream? Practically all the good extensions out there now are commercial ones. Programmers have to eat, just like everyone else! At least you get a chance to try out the main component, which is free, before paying for any of the commercial extras, most of which add really valuable functionality to what is, in my view, a first class extension.
byLineMine, August 2, 2010
Documents Seller
This is everything you could ask for from an extension: feature rich, user friendly, regular updates and great support. One of the best extensions around, and I would really recommend it if you need to distribute and/or collect any kind of document or file using Joomla.