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byLionandLamb, February 25, 2010
Hi, purchased the latest version, 2.7. Numerous issues...
1) The chat, while it does "work", is erratic. Sometimes you get the message, sometimes you don't"
2) The FB bar does NOT load in IE7 or below, or in compatibility mode in IE8.
3) MORE problems when you integrate CB Superactivity module: Blank screens, problems loading, etc.

I contacted TechJoomla, and they sent me ONE email, vaguely asking for logins. I responded asking WHAT logins?..and haven't heard back.

IF, they can get these things worked this will be an outstanding advantage to any site. But that is a big "IF".

Warm Regards, Dave
Owner's reply

Hello Dave,

I cant start a support discussion here.. But i will try to clarify what i can.

1. The first issue is most likely due to a JS conflict with either the template or some other extension on your site. This can be fixed either by checking the settings for force load jquery & no conflict settings in the module. If that does not solve it, to contact support so that they can provide a alternative version that is available if your site needs it.

2. This is not a known issue & has been tested with several different templates. Again can be related to where you publish it.. Have you tried publishing it in the debug position ?

3. This issue should not be related to JBolo as we are simply loading the module ( Super activity ) in the JBolo bar.. But we'll take it up with them.

I am sorry if our support team was not more specific . We usually need the Joomla admin access to check. We shall be more careful in the future.

Once again, i am sure we can get the issues solved on your site. I have checked with the team & your ticket has been replied asking for the above access. Our site was having some issues from Thursday till Saturday.. So if you have not got a notification, please add a reply with your admin access. We'll get it fixed for you !

Warm Regards

byLionandLamb, January 11, 2010
DeluxeMP3 for Community Builder
While this same company's MP3 player for the Joomla site works very well, this CB edition has commands missing. For example the command to upload the MP3's is missing, the command to get the icons is missing, and so on. Tried to get help form the developers but to no avail. I hope they can straighten this out, as it WOULD be a very nice addition to the CB profiles
Owner's reply

DMP3 CB EDITION 011/12/08 Version 1.8.6

* Fixed bad API call
* Removed garbage files from zip file

byLionandLamb, August 31, 2009
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I purchased this today. EVERYTHING about it is difficult! We have downloaded and installed multiple Joomla extensions as I am sure you all have as well. This one was difficult to install, and ridiculously difficult to use...I am waiting to hear from the owner of this software, in the meantime I have disabled CB Profile Pro's plugins. So after all this aggravation today I am back to the same old infantile looking profiles from CB, that I started with. VERY disappointing!
Owner's reply

On the contrary, most users find this extension easy-to-use. And it is installed like any other extension with joomla installer. More over, there are two video tutorials showing in detail how to install and use this extension.