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byLisaB, March 20, 2011
Having never ported a WP site into Joomla, I was very skeptical about JConverter. Faced with the prospect of 'cutting and pasting' every last article (100+) into a new J 1.5.22 install, I bit the bullet and used JConverter. It is not a perfect tool but then I'm not a perfect Joomla user. It definitely saved me time and that means $$ to me and my client. Thanks for the helping hand with a sticky problem.
byLisaB, June 10, 2010
Simple Picture Slideshow
After reviewing (d/l, install, implement) several slideshow extensions for embedding in content, none of which displayed correctly (or the same way) in IE, GChrome or Safari, I very nearly gave up on my client's desire to display a slideshow on the front page. How I missed SSPS initially, I don't know but it works perfectly in all browsers and does exactly what I want it to, i.e., float left or right and allows me the option to show a caption or not, title images or not, etc. Thank you, Andreas, for creating a simple and effective plugin. ~ LHB