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Lord Zedd

byLord Zedd, March 14, 2012
Maxi Menu CK
I was sceptic at first if this module could do what I wanted it to do. Because I had something very complex in mind. Also I bought the plugin. Those 11 euro's was very much worth it. You dont need it but it is really usefull. The plugin is much more usefull.

What I did not like is the website. Even my friend who was helping me thought the same thing. I hope the devellopper will clean up his website because that is a total mess. Also there are many people that don't speak or can read French! So please for the others, update the website. Because that took me a lot of time to download the module or to buy the plugin. Than you needed to login and register and then errors, ...

But to be clear, the module is very awesome. The plugin costs 11 euros. You dont need it but it is worth it! The documentation is also good. Only the website remains a lot of work !So Ced, if you read this, you know what you got to do.
Owner's reply

hi, thank you for your review. You are right, my website had to be updated. And that is what I did few days ago !
Now the navigation is clear and no more need to login.