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byLovesMtns, July 23, 2012
J2XML Importer
I have been stressing for over a year how to upgrade 3 community and club websites with hundreds of articles. I tried JUpgrade, but it introduced instabilities into my most important website, so, having been burnt, I restored my original back to 1.5. I also even purchased a commercial "upgrade" tool, but it failed too. FINALLY, I have discovered this near-magical extension, and have upgraded two websites from 1.5 to 2.5 in about two days each. That is incredible from my experience. I am now ready to upgrade my biggest and most important website, and I now know with J2XML, that it will be a snap. Three days max. And this is after stressing and trial and erroring for over a year!! I might mention that the J2XML portion only required a few MINUTES! Yes, you have to put the menus together yourself, and make a few corrections to the image locations in a few unusual cases (I just copied the "images" folder over manually), but those are completely trivial compared to the incredible and perfect import of a) all the users, with their ID's, and b) all the articles! Amazing!
byLovesMtns, September 2, 2011
This extension solves my problems with an author who writes excellent articles, but just cannot remember to save now and then, and loses hours of work. THANK YOU!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback! You have inspired us to expand the plugin.

We are coding a new plugin that has the option for working on the front end, on the back end or on both. In addition, we will now offer versions for 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7.

Stay tuned.

byLovesMtns, October 29, 2009
RSform Pro
I used RS Forms Pro to capture several hundred quilt show entries online. RS Forms Pro was very easy to use, setting up drop down boxes for multiple category entries, option choice buttons etc. Also, very important, it sent an email both to the form user, and to the administrator, with a complete list of what had been entered. Finally, it was trivially easy to drop the data captured in the form database to a CSV file, so I could use the data on my local PC to create reports, quilt hang tags and other lists. All of this was made possible by the easy to use, menu driven RS Forms Pro. I'm a big fan :)