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Lt. Columbo

byLt. Columbo, March 19, 2009
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This is what I have been looking for, for quite a while now, but... there's just two things missing from this in order to make it perfect:

1: the option to choose sections or categories in the setup. (managed to modify this myself though)

2: section / categories references included in the generated links. (because they're not there, the module disappears from view when a link is clicked)

If these things were there - I'd give this one an Excellent-rating with flying banners and stripes! :)

Unfortunately they're not, so I can only hope for further development of this module, as I'm unable to do it myself.

Other than that: This is a good solid piece of work and highly recommended for those who wish to be able to customize things themselves.

The best thing is: You can truncate your title-text to the desired length! That is something no other module offers (as far as I know) and why I so hope to see this module developed further!

Thumbs up from here! :o)

Lt. Columbo