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byLucVG, August 13, 2011
Content Statistics for DOCman
DocMan is update for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7. So I wondered if Content Stats was also compatible with the new DocMan, and yes, it is....

I actualy use this on 2 sites, one in development and closed for public, another one one a WAMP server.

You can make statistics on anything on your DOCman site. Top viewed documents, top download, download graphics, top categories…

Actually for both I make a ranking of:

-Top downloaded documents, and this for all category's (so, don't use a filter)

There are a lot of possibility's to set the filter. Easy to use. Now on every download page at the bottom, everyone can see what is the most downloaded one.

A must have for DocMan users... because it is easy configurable and there are a lot of possibilities.