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byLuciano, August 21, 2013
JCH Optimize
Well, after read a lot of positive reviews I give a try.

After few different configs and looking into developer's page for possible issues, followed all instructions but Its just do not work and broke my jomsocial.

I removed this plugin from my setup but joomsocial still messed up.

Now I need to recover my site from early backup.

So if you are using an elaborate templates like youtheme/rockettheme ones pus jomsocial Don't try this.
byLuciano, September 19, 2012
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Google Analytics Dashboard
If you worry to know about visits to your site then this module is very useful. Lightweight, loads fast since data comes from Google Analytics, not your DB.

The developer posted a video teaching how to configure it properly, but I found a difficulty that scared me at first: In the video the developer does not say how to set the callback URL, so I just put my main URL, it did not work and I was redirected to an error page from Google Developer.
The module is published in the "cpanel" position, located on the (backend) first page, and due to wrong configuration on module my backend has become inaccessible. After entering username and password it redirects to Google Developer error page.

This is not a bug, but a mistake I made.
To solve the problem I had to access my database using phpmyadmin and edit a parameter in modules table: publish status "1" to "0". this way I could access the backend again since that the module is now unpublished.

The configuration for the callback URL to be inserted must be the URL of your backend including the file "index.php". ""
Yes looks obvius but I miss it.
Now everything is fine and the module is perfect.
Thank you guy(s).
Owner's reply

When that happens, you can also use this method, which does not require database access:


byLuciano, August 24, 2012
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Slideshow CK
What could I say other than this module is just perfect?

I've used several paid modules for many years, some good, some not so much but one way or another always ended up solving my needs, but after realizing that some of them have become extremely complex and demanding more attention from users to manage them I decided to look for a new simplier solution to manage slides and luckily ended up to this module.

The team that developed this module just thought of it, providing something simple and also powerful, and unbelievably free!

Unlike other "pro slide solutions" that require a component for managing slides unique details, here you can handle these details in a very simple and intuitive way. This saves a lot of time not only in the use of the tool as well but also in training the people who will manage the website.

The module also features a wide choice of styles to match my websites's color palette, so I do not need editing styles, all came ready to use!

I thank and congratulate the team that developed this wonderful solution, you guys really rocks!
Owner's reply

thank you, I'm happy to read such great review :)

byLuciano, December 6, 2006
Simple Image Gallery
Simple and easy!

The best gallery solution for a "news" website.

Just a suggestion to give a 10:
Please, consider to make a JCE plugin too, this way editors can just click the gallery icon at JCE toolbar, try to imagine something like this - a popup opens with "Choose gallery folder" option, the editor can browse at server and finally click the "insert gallery" button. The WYSIWYG editor window can shows a colored bar to indicate where gallery starts, and the HTML editor window shows the plugin tags with folder path.