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byLucio71, February 11, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
This is really great! I think this is a "must have" on Joomla 1.5; otherwise you need this on Joomla 2.5 only if you have "advanced" needs because the core module management of 2.5 is better than 1.5; for example I use this to show any modules only to public users, and hide them to registered.
byLucio71, December 31, 2012
this extension brings a beautiful cart to your Joomla, and has a complete and useful documentation; note that, as it's said in its website, you'll need a commercial plugin to checkout by Paypal, however I think worth the price
byLucio71, December 9, 2012
This is a must have for all my Joomla web sites. Powerful, simple, supported with frequent releases. Be careful if you install an update because it may overwrite your own language and bring your JCE back to English language. I do not recommend JCE if you have to put code in an article or module, it could insert something you don't want: in this case switch to "Editor None", enter the code, save & close, then re-switch to Editor JCE.
Owner's reply

"Be careful if you install an update because it may overwrite your own language and bring your JCE back to English language"

JCE 2.3 includes a new method for translating JCE dialogs, which require new language packs. Our translators are working hard to finish these, one may already be available for you -

"I do not recommend JCE if you have to put code in an article or module, it could insert something you don't want"

JCE includes full support for javascript and css code (if enabled). "Joomla plugin" code such as {code} and [code] is also supported, but as this is not "real" code, it is treated as plain text within the html.

byLucio71, September 12, 2012
Fast and simple way to put code in the head of a page; the only way I know in Joomla 1.5.
Many thanks to the developer!
byLucio71, August 29, 2012
MeteoWidget 3bmeteo
works good (I use this on Joomla 1.5), unluckily has no many setting options (no css class suffix)
byLucio71, May 16, 2012
Switch Editor
Fast download and install, and does what it says. Time saver.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback!

byLucio71, February 14, 2012
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Core Design Mini Polls
This plugin does what it says, in a beautiful way!
byLucio71, January 31, 2012
I use this with Joomla 1.7 ; easy install and setup (link to videotutorial available on the developer's website). This is a must have for me!
byLucio71, January 11, 2012
Outstanding component, easy install and setup, many settings. Remember if you want dropdown fields, use ";" instead of Enter key
byLucio71, October 31, 2011
I'm using this on Joomla 1.7, it works as it says. Remember to enable and setup the plugin!
byLucio71, October 26, 2011
SWFobject module
I use this with Joomla 1.7 and it works. Thanks to developer!
byLucio71, October 5, 2011
does what it says, improved after joomlaXplorer, that was good already. Useful!
byLucio71, August 2, 2011
Phoca Maps
Phoca extensions are often reliable, and this is a really a useful component. Thanks
byLucio71, June 30, 2011
this component and his module really improve our work
byLucio71, April 22, 2011
Very easy to setup, integrates well with CB, I strongly recommend to install it from URL (I've had some issues installing it from pc)
byLucio71, April 7, 2011
Profile Pro for Community Builder
this component allows to customize the design of user profiles, making your web site more and more beautiful; to use all its power, choose your editor with care
byLucio71, December 3, 2010
wow, what a useful component to empower Joomla! Easy to understand and install, has a lot of settings.
byLucio71, October 28, 2010
Facebook Social Comments
good documentation on the web site, the plugin is enabled and set in a few minutes
byLucio71, July 9, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
no problem in setting, working in 1 minute; congratulations to developer!
note that you must create a public_html/music directory and put your songs into it
byLucio71, June 21, 2010
Simple Picture Slideshow
As other bretteleben extensions, this is reliable! Detailed tutorials on their website, so in a few minutes it's working. Only button's graphic design can be improved. Thank so much to developer!
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