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Ludwig von Mises

Just renewed my subscription and want to add to all the glowing reviews here on the JED. This extension is along with JReviews the BEST Joomla! component available. Flawless implementation, clean coding, zero template conflicts and superb and friendly support. I honestly don't know where Alzander finds the time to finish up support forum posts with a special thank-you to each user for purchasing his product.

This extension is extremely clean. No page speed damage, no JavaScript conflicts and no black holes in the docs leaving you scratching your head.

Everything works: social button content plugins, FB Connect, FB Share, tags that can be pasted into any PHP file. No matter what you do it works.

Joomla! is free, and that leads a lot of us to believe that our extensions should be free, too. Nothing could be further from the truth. The SourceCoast support forum is full of posts from users that break JFBConnect with faulty templates and excessive extension use. I can't stress the following more: a good, clean template together with quality extensions will avoid JS conflicts and CSS and SQL nightmares. Instead of loading your site with extensions for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook buttons, why not pay the measly fee for JFBConnect and avoid headaches?

My main site uses JReviews, JomSocial and RocketTheme extensions. NOT ONCE have I had to ask for support (well, my Google+ button broke once on a test site but it turned out to be a subtle change in the API that was quickly corrected by the developer).

I cannot recommend highly enough this product. Whether it's Facebook on your site or your site on Facebook, this extension is an absolute must.