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byLukasLowe, June 26, 2010
I usually do not take the effort to rate at JED but this time i had to take the time to warn others from this product.

If you read the feature list from rsevents you might get amazed, the problem is the implementation is very poor and alogic, most of the features have lot of bugs.

rsjoomla focus on developing new products and rsEvents is Very Very outdated. They have no progress. The last update was only "proforma" and is a joke with no evolution or progress in the extension itself.

i have to say dont use this (years ago good) extension if you want an evolving extension. you will get here an outdated product with lot of bugs and difficult customization.

Even if the support is good (acts within 2 days), what is that worth if the product itself is so poor? Better decide yourself for an extension which has a future and is actively worked on.

There are lot of alternatives at JED which are in the present an endless better solution. I depreciated the 39Euro as a lesson-learned. Hope to help someone to avoid a wrong decision.
Owner's reply

First of all, we could not find any information on you, so we're not sure if you're a real customer. The changelog is here and you can see that there has been development on RSEvents!:

The last update, for example, added 4 new heavy features - so I'm not sure what you consider "proforma".
I'm not sure what bugs are you talking about. You don't mention anything here but very vague information that any outsider could have seen from the changelog