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Lunas Rat Race

byLunas Rat Race, January 17, 2010
Phoca Download
Being quit new to Joomla (a little bit more than 7 day’s) the system roocks….

With Phoca Download manager U get what U pay fore.
First of all it’s “Mission impossible” 2 find documentation to install and setup the system – Phoca’s homepage lacks structure.
But I managed to get Phoca Download to run within 2 hours.
The interface is nice but the buttom’s are ;-(

Next is setting up the module….
Without documentation I’m only capable of creating a menu which points to section which point to a category which contains the files which user could be able to download. It’s the same way user has to access the files – click on the menu, chose a section, chose a category, and then final chose a file….
Am I missing something here?
Furthermore it seems impossible to select only one section/category for a specific menu point it’s all or nothing
Isn’t it possible to go directly from the menu to the category folder?

Well without the documentation it hard to customize Pooco…

But it’s free and it works – what more can U expect?
Nice work – and still room for improvement.