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byLupke, April 22, 2013
JEXTN Testimonial
Was looking or an easy gustbook component. This one is nice and esay. Nothing more or less. Had a problem with the layout and got a fast resonse how to edit the css. It's plain and simple. Hope to see some more templates in the future and an option to edit the templates (i.e. color, font) from withing the admin section instead of css editing.
byLupke, August 13, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I was using simple lists before I bought MooFaq. Allways trouble. MooFaq installed without problems. After the installation I copied my old simple lists content to MooFaq, but I should not have done that without cleaning up the old messy codes like div and table tags. The MooFaq developer recognized this immediatley and gave very, very, very good support. MooFaq looks great and works great in all browsers and it has a very nice price. Don't doubt, it works great!
byLupke, July 6, 2009
Pro Sticky Message
Good information in advance, easy pay with Paypal, download the component and module, follow instructions and install, work with it! Great and easy. Used MooPopup before. Free of course, but always trouble.

One suggestion: the pop-up window is a square, but it would be nice to have rounded angles. It will look smart and elegant for sites with rounded angles.