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jQuery Easy
This plugin is the "The must have" plugin to solved jQuery conflict when too much extensions are using this library in the same time.
It has all the features, and params needed to make a website works in a fluid way!

I recommend this plugin to the users of my extension, who sometimes have jQuery problems, and it solves also the problem with widgetkit, and its strange way of loading its own library.

Thanks for this so well-done developpement !
Owner's reply

Well, thank you very much for the review and for recommending the plugin!

byLyr!C, January 24, 2013
Easy Language
This plugin is very simple to use. The big advantage is that it works everywhere (component, module, title menus, etc ...) and is compatible without any worries with a multi-language site with a complex stucture. I use it in many extensions, and always works great!
Really a very useful complement to joomla, whatever your configuration is, because it can translate everywhere!
byLyr!C, January 11, 2013
After testing 7 other plugins, this is the only one that works with my personal site template and other extensions.
About the extension, really simple to use, the editor button is so welcome !
A great Job !
byLyr!C, December 31, 2012
JEasy File Sale
This is a nice component for download, that i use since 6 months. Simple, clear, and full of options.
The plugin button is really nice, as a direct download to the file.
But, i have to change, and can't use JEFS because i will soon move my PHP server to PHP 5.3. And, for me, it doesn't work with php 5.3, as the zip file i add to, can't be unzipped after download, and use as an install file in joomla extension manager.
Hope this will be corrected, so that i can one day come back to use this nice extension!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The new version of the JEFS is coming soon and it will have full compatibility with PHP5.3+
Hope to see you as our client again.

Joomalungma Team.

byLyr!C, March 24, 2012
Change Administrator
Thanks for this good extension !
I've just try it on Joomla 2.5.1
Didn't work with com_changeadmin_j25 (there, miss a file : changeadmin.php~) but it work really nice with com_changeadmin2_j17.

A good work, really what i was thinking of developping, but i don't need now to, as you did it perfectly !
Thanks !