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JS Jobs
The compononent delivers on all specs listed by the developer. What sets this component apart from other is that you have the ability provide this as a service to various Recruiters and Employers.

Most other components only provide a component that can be used as a company specific internal Job Recruitment application - This is different! You can provide it as a service to recruiters and employers or use it as an internal company app.

My support requests were handled within 24 hours and in some cases within 1 hour - Great Thanks!
The developer also went out of his way to provide me personal assistance after the component was setup - even over the holidays and late at night- Some of the reviews that I've read below I just cannot believe to be true. If you follow the instructions and take time out to read the guide first, you will not experience any problems setting this up.

Let us be honest - nothing in life is free! Free is just another word for a Web Administrator taking on too much that he/she can handle or have waited until nr 99 to get the job finalized. I am sure you will not work for free? - so please donate or pay the man what is due!

Good Job!! Thanks for a great component and Support!