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byMCNX, September 14, 2011
Facebook Social Comments
Great work! It is worth the $15.
byMCNX, September 7, 2011
Art Colorbox
After testing a few Artetics extensions, I have to say that these guys are doing a pretty good job. Art Colorbox (Commercial) is a great extension. Very flexible, lightweight, and highly customizable. It works well in my Samsung mobile phone and tablet too.
byMCNX, September 6, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
Simple, lightweight, easy to customize, etc. Excellent work!
byMCNX, September 6, 2011
Ninja Access
Simple and very useful plugin. Great job!
byMCNX, September 1, 2011
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ITPSocial Buttons
Very well done! Easy to configure and customize. Good way to add social media buttons on your website. Great button designs.
byMCNX, October 22, 2010
A powerful and effective extension! Simple to configure and use. It does a great job!
byMCNX, November 8, 2009
A very well designed contact form! It does a great job without complex configurations. Questions regarding this extension are quickly answered by the developer, also known as Alfred. :-)
byMCNX, October 28, 2009
JCK Editor
Excellent editor! Very good file manager. Cut and paste works great and keeps almost 100 percent of the original format. It's worth to try.