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byMPSAteam, April 23, 2010
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Recently, I received an e-mail from Joobi that informed me that their new version 3.2.2 of JNews was “impeccable now”. And they offered a guarantee against that promise.
Well, sorry to say, it still isn’t anything you’d want to load into your production environment. While it’s a little better so far, as it’s by not sending e-mails across your entire user base for no reason, and causing your site to be shut-down from the high number of SQL queries.
Here are the problems I’ve had so far …
1. HTML Code still overwrites anything you place within that space
2. Installation is not compatible with Community Builder
3. Installation conflicts with existing version of Acajoom
4. User’s of CB Get Error Messages at Registration
5. User’s of CB Get Error Messages at Subscription
Specific Error Messages:
Warning: [function.include-once]: failed to open stream
Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening on line 39

I hold a lot of hope for this software, and keep waiting to implement this solution, but it’s still not ready for prime time, and may show a development team that only uses internal testing, vs. beta testing with partners and really developing a stable version before release.

BOTTOM LINE: Keep using what you have going (Acajoom for me) and check back t see when things are stable.