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byMTM_12, October 1, 2012
Art Timeline
This was ok 3 years ago but there are now ways to create timlines much better in 2012...just google it if you want something up to date
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

If you just compare Art Timeline with any other you can see that Art Timeline has dozens of features other timelines do not have and Art Timeline can be used easily from Joomla!

That's is why it is so popular among hundreds of customers.

I was searching since a while an extension to easily publish my eventbrite events on my joomla website, and combrite does just this with one click!
Thanks, the extension is beautifully designed and thought, couldn't believe it is also free!

I highly recomend this extension for anyone serious about events, who wants the most advanced ticketing and registration functions out there.

byMTM_12, December 2, 2011
I went into Ohanah a few months ago, and after keeping updating to every new version the team was releasing, I was delighted not only because they fixed bugs but also improved or added features. Just look at the release notes:, those guys are insane! Seems they listen and read a lot through the suggest ideas polls they host on their support system. They will release soon a v2, and from what we are discussing in the support with them, it's going to be a blast! More than 30 suggestions covered and seesm they have put ten so much more into it, looking forward to it!!

Keep it up guys, getting into your world was the best things I did, and worth every penny of it, thanks to be there, and thanks to care about my events!