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byMakoto, October 12, 2009
AutoTweet NG
I had some trouble installing this at first because I was rushing it. The instructions are clear, and you have to have both the AutoTweet and AutoTweet Kunena plugins installed.

After installing, I did a test run and it didn't work, but I just posted a reply to a topic and I got the message stating that the autotweet worked. I checked my twitter account and it was up! This is a huge step for my website. I can't thank you enough! Great plugins.
There are a few things I would like to change:

- In the ACP, when you finish adding a medal or a medal icon it goes to the awards tab instead of back to the medals tab.

- It would be nice to customize the layout of the awards, or have a "top 10 latest awards" above the medals.

- Give users a customized page they can link to that shows all of the awards they have won. (to a friend or something)

- Have an example award or two so people can figure it out a bit easier.

- If someone made a CB plugin for this, that would be great.

The component works great! I think that this is a solid piece of work and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Also, I have a ton of components installed and there were no conflicts. (please don't rate 1/5 just because you messed up your installation)
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review! Of course a CB-plugin is also available, showing all the awards of a user. You can find it on the Downloads page at Joomlacode.