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byManosMan, December 16, 2013
AwoCoupon Starter
I used the free version for some time and I was really satisfied. I eventually purchased the commercial version since I required some functionality from it, like the ability to sell gift certificates. I faced some problems setting up this, however the support was swift and solved all my problems immediately.
Great extension, excellent support, highly recommended!
JUX Social Tabs
I have tried all Social Networking Tabs Extension currently on the market and I can say with certainty that this is the best one.
It took me just a couple of minutes to install and configure it. I faced some problems with some javascript conflicts. The support was fast and effective and solved all my problems.
I highly recommend it.
byManosMan, November 12, 2013
JA Multilingual
It's one of the rare times JED ratting cannot measure up to the actual value of this extension!
1. Easy to install, configure and use. It took me 5 minutes to install and configure and about 30 minutes to translate my site into 10 different languages.
2. Absolutely FREE! And when I say free, I mean not just the cost of the license of the extension, but also the cost of BING's API usage, since the extension works really smart. It does not translate online. Instead it does the job just one time, stores the translation locally at your Joomla installation. So you can actually translate everything, using the limited free BING API traffic. If your languages are too many and your content too much, you can wait and translate the rest next month, when your BING API traffic resets. Any additions or changes you do to your web site will be translated the next time you ask the component to do so. That also saves a lot of BING API traffic.
3. Great design based on offline translation. See above point 2.

For all the above I gave it Excellent, but I'd say that it deserves Excellent++!
byManosMan, September 11, 2013
It does exactly what it says.
Very easy to use and configure.
Worked immediately and without problems.
I highly recommend it.
byManosMan, September 11, 2013
Article Placed Anywhere
Very easy to use with great UI.
It even works with articles' plugins.
Highly recommended!
byManosMan, September 11, 2013
It does exactly what it says.
Excellent documentation, straight forward and very easy and fast to install and configure.
Did I mention that it's also free?!
I highly recommend it.
byManosMan, September 2, 2013
We tried multiple booking systems for our SPA. Nothing worked as promised. However, this booking system, not only does exactly what it promises, but it's also 100% free. Of course we will upgrade to the commercial version just to support the developer, although the free version covers our needs 100%.
A few details about our rating:
Installation: Piece of cake
Configuration: Straight forward and simple
Ease of use from both front end and back end: Extremely Simple
Support: AMAZING!
In total: It is far more than anyone can expect from a free extension, in any aspect!!!
Our sincere congrats to the developer!!! Really, really Great Job!!! :D
byManosMan, March 11, 2013
Download, Install and configure, in less than a minute.
It works fine, it does exactly what it does and it's one installation file for all Joomla versions. Very convenient! I read most of the reviews and it does not worth less than Excellent, plus it's totally free and without any links or annoying copyrights in the front end. All the negative reviews and ratings are 100% fault of the people who made the installation and not the extension's developer fault! The extension rocks and it should its rating should be 5 by 5.
Owner's reply

I really try to make good extensions that work. Some people have trouble, and I don't hold that against them. The only think I ask is that when things go bad, let me try to help rather than write a bad review.

Bug fixes and feature additions don't always happen unless users report the bugs and request the features.

byManosMan, December 2, 2011
I installed within seconds, configured within minutes. It did exactly what it said it would and worked just fine. Great way to solve Joomla's weakness, without any hacking whatsoever. Congratulations to the author. Exceptional work!
byManosMan, September 23, 2011
This is a must for everyone who wants to take advantage of the Open Graph technology. Really simplifies things. The support is also great and fast.
byManosMan, September 19, 2011
It does exactly what it says, simple and fast.
And the live support is excellent and immediate!
The only thing that is missing for the functionality I require is alphauserpoints integration, so I will reward my users when they subscribe to a newsletter. I wonder how they missed that! However, they are always willing to expand and/or customize their product, so there is nothing you can't do with it, really.
byManosMan, September 14, 2011
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart
A must have for every e-shop!
Easy to setup and configure, even on an old e-shop that holds thousands of products.
However even the best extension is nothing without support. And the support of this extension is excellent, immediate, direct, friendly and professional!
It's one of the very few I am totally satisfied with.
Congratulations for a job well done!
byManosMan, February 17, 2011
Breadcrumbs Manager
I just bought the extension last night together with it's bundle companion Contexts Manager.
Not only it solved all my problems in a few clicks and in no time; not only it's by far the best extension for the job; their support is by far the best in the Joomla community. For me this is more important than having just a good product.
Their response to my inquiries was immediate and not only they looked into my problem and told me how to fix it, they also set the product up for me.
If you are building sites professionally, time is very important and they are the best for the job!
byManosMan, October 9, 2010
SJ K2 Scroller
It's all you need and all you would like to have in your site, to promote specific K2 content.
Also the support was excellent.
byManosMan, October 6, 2010
SJ K2 Slider
Normally I would rate this extension Excellent.
However, I am giving this rate, because it has a bug, and so far I have subited 3 tickets in almost 2 weeks and none has responed. I really through my money away!
The module is great but there is a bug that really messes everything. It dupplicates articles and places them one next to the other eliminating the correct ones. So it looks really bad. Be careful before you spend your money. If you do not know how to fix it, stay clear.
USER Update: Yes, it appears that all my tickets were going to their spam folder. Once I contacted them via Skype, they eventually fixed the problem.
Owner's reply

We have fixed this issue and updated for downloading.

Hi ManosMan, when i got your email, i fixed your site immediate and did you feel happy when used our module?

Now this module is working very good. Please do not worry about this issue again