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byManuAdam, November 19, 2009
All I can say after using Chronoengine Forms and other components like connectivity and comments, is that --- Chronoengine simply rocks! In fact it is one of the best thing that has happened to Joomla and has the potential to make Joomla the most powerful CMS. I had been a joomla user for so many users but for some time I'd shifted to Drupal because of its immense customisation capability. Recently by chance I came across this joomla component and this made me come back to joomla with a new zeal. I feel Chronoengine's immense potential has been very under utilised or made known to users. I would like here to make here a comparison with Drupal and what makes Drupal most popular and powerful --- one can easily say it is Drupal's CCK and Views module. Remove these two and there will be nothing exciting there. CCK provides in drupal the power to create fully customised websites. After looking at ChronoForm I feel this component has the same potential and power as CCK module --- rather even more as it provides more functionality. In fact ChronoForm seems to be Drupal's CCK, Content Profile, Imaage cache and file-filefield and so many other modules -- all made in one. Especially after adding Emmanuel Danan ChronoForms plugin, one can have image thumbnails too (like imagecache in drupal). I have started working with Chronoforms and would like to explore it fully. I feel one doesnt need community builder or any other component as with the help of ChronoForm one can create fully customised Community websites with special user registaration and users' profile and any other elements one wants to. Similarly one can go ahead and create fully customised Job websites or Classified Search websites. The ChronoForm se capacity seems to get additional power from its capacity of saving data to database and connectivity aspects. As I am still exploring its power, I am yet to see its capacity to Craete different customised content types and how it correlates with other database tables in joomla. Hope that it would be a seamless coordination. I think it should be renamed as ChronoContent Engine.