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byManuelVoileux, March 3, 2014
Booking Calendar
After I purchased , I had a few problems to make it work, but the reactive support guided me to the solution in a couple of hours.

Very nice extension. It does what it says : display multi months calendar and book calendar days, with different colours for different activities.

Unfortunately one cannot add a comment, or a tooltip, or a link to a booked date. You just stay with a nice display and no other function.

This is a little bit short, and the purchase is mandatory. This is why I gave 4 stars and not 5

byManuelVoileux, March 3, 2014
I recommend, works perfectly and reactive support
Works with Joomla 3. Handles front end event setup and registration. Nice month calendar module with tooltips.

I like it. The members of our association use it easily, on a regular basis to register to events.

The module featuring a list of events is only on purchase.

Reactive support.

With a multi month view it would be perfect. It is in the roadmap

I recommend

Owner's reply

Thank you Manuel for your review, and for your ideas on future features!
I really appreciate user contributions such as ideas, and wishes! This helps to improve iCagenda! ;)

byManuelVoileux, December 30, 2013
eScope Error Handler
Great plugin, it works directly. and keeps your visitor on your site. with the genuine aspect and menu.

As already mentionned one needs to stop the original redirect Joomla component.

One question, where did you hide the en-GB.plg_system_escope_error_handler.ini file ? I'd like to change the notice.

I maintain the site of a small club, Joomla 3.2.1, template protosatr. I like clean and easy extensions. Thanks
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.

Plugin has language files at /administrator/languages/en-GB/.

byManuelVoileux, December 26, 2013
Hi, very nice extension. It works well, and you only need to setit up once for all.

I use it to show a thumnail in the description and the full size image in the article.

I would love a doc, a how-to, a tuto to help a non-code-addict-rookie to go further.

I maintain the site of a small club. Joomla 321, template protostar. I know nothing about coding.
byManuelVoileux, December 22, 2013
The simple way to provide users a download zone and file manager area. Possibility to fine tune rights, for groups, single users.

Brings a great service for our small club. Documents are always available.

works with J!3.2.1
byManuelVoileux, December 22, 2013
Microdata Google Breadcrumbs
Very simple, works out of the box. The breadcrumb is space saving. I like it and I have adopted on our site
byManuelVoileux, December 21, 2013
Great work ! public forum, private forum. members, grades, moderation, admin, Easy to setup, easy to tune, easy to use.

Suddenly a new site in the site. It brings live to our small club. Members share, and do not wonder for a mailing list.

K 3.0.3 works perfectly with J! 3.2.1 and protostar template.

Great modules and extensions.

Many thanks
byManuelVoileux, December 21, 2013
Thanks for this great extension.

It brings life to our small club website. The members that did not attend the last event can share and react.

Easy to setup, easy to tune, easy to use. Responsive layout. Fine with J! 3.2.1 and protostar template.

I love the tiny details Komento line that show articles details in the blog. I 'd love that we could add some other parameters such as author's name, and publication date, and so I could get rid of the space-consuming-protostar-native-Details .

However I am only using the free component, I received reactive support. Thanks to Mark Lee.
byManuelVoileux, December 21, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Thanks for the great work. It just makes web site designing possible.

Everytime you see "update your Joomla!" or "update your extension" , you are warned to save your site before : Akeeba.

Installation, setup, and use straightforward. I use in with Akeeba eXtract Wizard for local development

I just maintain the one website of a very small club, and I have no skill whatsoever in coding. That's what I am found of joomla! and of make-my-life-easy-extensions such as Akeeba.

I made a donation. Many thanks
byManuelVoileux, December 21, 2013
Maxi Menu CK
Great Menu, great support. Nice responsive Menu, works with J3.2. Very flexible layout. Moreover the CK support is very reactive, and THAT is most important.

The team updated a file to fit my needs in 48h.

thanks again
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

byManuelVoileux, December 16, 2013
SCLogin Enhanced Login
Great extension. Works directly out of the box. Use small space in the page. Immediate access to a registered user menu. I like it :)