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byManweb15, February 4, 2012
Having been a Joomla! user for nearly 2 years and host to 25+ Joomla! websites for clients you can probably imagine how many extensions I've paid for and downloaded!
By far this is not just the best blogging system for Joomla!, it's the best Joomla! extension I've used full stop! It is simple to install, simple to configure and works like a dream. It has not been necessary to hack back end code to get it looking right, you simply select your options using a toggle button system in the back end.
This means when it comes to installing any updates I don't have to worry about breaking the system when installing.
Very accomplished software and not surprising it has had this many great reviews.
IMO this is the best blogging system for Joomla! by miles!
byManweb15, June 20, 2011
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I've been using Wordpress for around 4 years now on my old photography website. Recently I discovered Joomla and thus decided to upgrade my website using 1.6.
Disappointed that the built-in Joomla blog feature didn't incorporate user feedback I looked for alternatives. Wordpress for Joomla! seemed the obvious choice and I've got say how easy it was to install. It took less than 10 minutes and I was done (I remember it took literally days to install on my old website!).
I was so impressed I've installed this on a client's website too and likely others will follow.
I needed to contact CorePHP a couple of times for minor alterations to layout but Jonathan obliged each time, no problem - excellent work!
Well done guys!