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byMapache, February 16, 2014
I am working now some Month with the system and it is great. A lot of possiblities and easy to learn.
At some points the usability can be better, but the guys are working on it.
We manage about 15 projects with over 100 tasks for 3 people who work on it.
Give it a try if you want to organize your projects online for working together.
byMapache, August 8, 2012
Works fine, Installation is very easy, all is correct but one thing I did not read on the homepage and that's the slideshow uses Flash for making. It is only a matter if the slideshow have to work on iPhone, iPad etc. or if you have a conflict with a menu (like I).
Owner's reply

Now we made it compatible with iPhone and iPad too. Now it is touch enabled works with touch and swipe. Enjoy :)

byMapache, July 7, 2012
I work strong with this formular-system and it makes all I need. I made forms with over 60 fields, if/if-not parts and spread over single sites. Perfect for beginners up to professionals. Good support by videos and explanations even the professional forum is very good and fast! Try it!