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byMarHaj, December 1, 2012
DT Register
I am using DT Register for half a year.

Product itself still greatly exceeds my continuously growing needs.

Developer's support via ticketing system is very professional and, I must say, the reaction speed with an advice "what and how" is almost unbelievable.

I am really very happy user of DT Register.
byMarHaj, April 5, 2009
I am one of Jumi developers. I do not know how Jónatan, the developer of Highlight code, did it but his code highlighter works amazingly. Simple, efficient, good results.
My greatest admiration.
byMarHaj, February 2, 2009
It gives my intl. visitors immediate approach to translated pages. GTranslate attracts more visitors to my sites and the visitors spending more time there definitely.
Very useful! Full rating!
byMarHaj, March 9, 2008
JCK Editor
I have been using JCE editor for ages.
Now, when J1.5 comes, I tried JoomlaFCK. Was very surprised how's fast and reliable, simple and powerful.
It fully covers may very different needs: as an standard author of articles and rather sophisticated html coder.
All four my thumbs up!
byMarHaj, August 11, 2007
THE component enables writing not only single forms but chain of mutually interconnected forms too and, above it, in very reasonable time.
Javascript and PHP snippets could be included in many different ways. So forms verification and adding intelligence to the forms can be done very easily.
The admin/prog interface is excellent and well commented.
The learning curve of ChronoForms is like a rocket.
Furthermore I have not encountered any bug during very intensive four days programming.
I am the most satisfied user.
Thumbs up!
byMarHaj, December 12, 2006
Jumi plugin has been added to the previously successful module. They are fully compatible in passing parametres now. That means your scripts can be use in a module position and/or in article contents.
Second, you can now include not only php scripts but static html pages without using wrapper, and much more.