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byMaranoman, July 3, 2014
Workflow for Simple Content Versioning
This is in my point of view the best extension for editorial driven websites that need a workflow and approval solution, especially when the editors are working in the backend mostly. It´s not so sophisticated in layout etc. but it works like it should. I really hope, the developement will be continued for Joomla 3.x.
byMaranoman, July 3, 2014
This is (as far as I know) the only working "Joomla Versioning & Workflow" solution that works like a charm. Especially if you have different editors and group working in the Joomla! backend. Versioning and notification/approval system wirks pretty well. Hopefully someone will continue the work for Joomla! 3.x. The missing workflow options is really a big problem for a lot of projects and in this case there´s a big gap between CMS systems like Drupal, Typo3 etc. and Joomla! A consistant workflow system should be a main topic for further Joomla! versions.
byMaranoman, March 26, 2014
Smart Slider 2
By now Smart Slider 2 is the most powerful and flexible Slider solution available for Joomla.

In the very sophisticated and user friendly component administration you can design unique slideshows, showcases, galleries and animations within minutes.

Works perfect with Joomla content, image folders, social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube. And also 3d party extensions like Cobalt, K2, ZOO, JoomShopping, MijoShop, Phoca Gallery, Ignite Gallery or VirtueMart 2. can be sources for your slides and showcases.

You just have to take care not to use too many image layers, this may cause jquery errors and very slow performance. This happened to me in my first experiments. But the more you learn about the structure and workflow logic the faster you will be able to create stunning slideshows and animations.

Support is very good, the documentation also. So Smart Slider 2 is worth every cent and one of the very best and most flexible Joomla extensions available.

Thumbs up!
byMaranoman, January 14, 2014
For most cases JiFile is a very useful and solid component (and search plugin as addon).

In my review I don´t want to talk about the good features, but talk about two problems, that really should be solved in the future.

In my point of view JiFile has two big disadvantages:

First it has no integrated ACL system. Every file is public, and so the results can be very dramatic, if you want to use sensitive files, that only some user should be able to see. For instance if you use Joomla for a intranet etc. You can implement a homebrewn solution via the JiFile search plugin, but this should be standard. Second if you index many documents you will feel the disadvantage of the old fashioned search algorithm. The effect is a very long waiting time when you seach for JiFile indexed data (up to more than a minute). So with one project I had to exclude the JiFile search plugin from the default results, because the time of waiting wasn´t accepptable.

On the other hand JiFile is freeware and the developer is giving a good support to their customers. That´s why I give four stars to it, although the two problems I mentioned can be criterions for exclusion for more ambitious joomla projects.
Owner's reply

thanks for your review, this is very important for us. We appreciate receive a comment that describe also the weaknesses on which to work. This help us to improve this project.

For the first problem, we started to develop a process for the management of the ACL of the documents, we think to release this new feature in the coming months.

For the second problem, JiFile uses "Lucene Search Engine", and for improve response times in searches, you need configure correctly JiFile for optimize the process of the "Indexing" and improve your search time.

If you want you can contact us for more information and find a good configuration for improve your search time.


byMaranoman, September 25, 2013
Article Factory Manager
First I was excited about the frontend article management features of the Article Factory manager. After installation and configuration my enthusiasm was clouded. After a deeper look at the code and templates I had to realize that the article factory manager is a Joomla 1.5 component that was only partial recoded to the needs and possibilities of Joomla 2.5. In the end I had to realize that I could´t use this extension for productive use. It may be enough for some editorial driven Joomla 2.5 sites but others like me will miss important features.

- better frontend article management
- working frontend approval system enhancing the editorial workflow
- group management integration
- viewing and editing Articles waiting for approval
-rejection snippets, bad words list

- completely out-dated template design (tables etc.) - templates not suitable with responsive layouts
- templates not suitable with multi column layouts
- important features available in the joomla standard edit view are simply missing (like image management, for instance)
- no language packs and files (only
- weak css styling
- slow performance
- very high price
- insufficient customer support

So in the end this extension is not living up to its promises. Hopefully it will competely redesigned in the future. Because it has enough potential to become a "must have" for editorial focussed website.
Owner's reply

It's very strange that you acquired a product for an older Joomla version, but you expect it to look like a J!3.x product. It is unfair that you felt the need for a bad review, just because you wanted some customizations that we could not provide due to our current schedule.