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Marc McLeddo

byMarc McLeddo, April 14, 2014
Pros of this extension is, that it’s free and they seem to offer good support. Probably, it’s still the best calendar-extension, which you get for free.

The software-developement, however, is a bit, let’s say: maverick. I mean, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but the following aspects are huge drawbacks, when you want to customize the component:
* Heavy use of inline-CSS instead of offering a decent class system. It’s a pain to customize the standard-themes
* Not-native admin interface (in the backend.)
* Poor rights management: Support for the native usergroups is lacking at all. This approach is very confusing – in the end you have a completely separated and thus redundant rights structure.
* It’s a huge effort to unravel their file structure and naming conventions (e.g. for creating an override).

Like I said: for a free extension all this is fairly okay! – But I would not be willing to pay anything for this.
Owner's reply

* We are constantly reducing our inline CSS and try only to use it for things like event specific colours. We are always open to suggestions in the support forums to add helpful CSS class and id selectors.
* We use the standard Joomla backend interface
* We offer full Joomla ACL support with an optional ability to manage permissions on a user by user basis if you prefer
* We use the Joomla MVC system for our presentation but with the ability to switch themes - so standard Joomla template overrides work. Because of the ability to switch themes there is one extra folder name in the template override path - we have free documentation articles that explain this and are always happy to answer questions in the support forum.