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byMarcoFoxRoberto, March 18, 2014
This is just the best form extension there is at the moment, and trust me, I tried quite a few. It is simple to set up/manage and allows for some fairly extensive customization.
Only problem is that, at the moment, it does not work on joomla 3.x, although that is being worked on.

Thanks for this great free extension.
byMarcoFoxRoberto, November 29, 2011
Facebook Graph Connect
I got it to work with minimal knowledge of the facebook API, even though I had to do some digging around. Mostly everything is explained, but I was confused when I was asked about a API ID and a API Secret (hint: you have to create a facebook application for this to work).

Unfortunataly I found that, once logged in, a log out button is needed, and maybe some info. When a user is logged in, only his picture is displayed, nothing more, not even his name. Hopefully that will be added in the future.

Also has a nice backend to check out which users logged in, and you can even get their emails and basic info for several stuff.

I'll be looking forward for more development on this one!
Thanks Saaraan!
byMarcoFoxRoberto, November 23, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
This is a really good extension, doing much more than what I hoped. I needed to do a travel related website, and this actually made it possible. I even had a problem with it, emailled and Mike answered within the same day, fixing it.

Thanks Mike!