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byMarcosPeebles, May 11, 2011
When you use an extension, you better know who is behind it. That said, the guys behind it ROCK, so does sh404SEF!
byMarcosPeebles, July 5, 2010
Why does it rock?
It rocks because it works out of the box.
It rocks because it does what it says.
It rocks because it doesn't stand alone on its island and integrates more and more with other extensions (and templates).
It rocks because the Joomla! community said so (JandBeyond J.O.S.C.A.R.).
It rocks because it was built to attend 'real people' needs.
It rocks because the end users (who actually update the site) love it... because it makes their lives easier.

And last but not least...
It rocks because it has a great team behind it (and that count tons when you pick an extension as powerful as this one).