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byMarinaDoc, June 3, 2014
JCH Optimize
Yes, I´ve been amazed by the professional treatment I received from the support JCH Optimize.

I purchased the plugin (only $5 paid version) and I had a few small issues. All due to my website was a mess.
And every time I´ve been given an OUTSTANDING support. Explaining step by step, where my web failures were and how I had to fix it.
Honestly, I've been very pleased with the purchase and with the friendly and expert attention I received.

I give 5 stars because there was no more!
byMarinaDoc, April 1, 2014
JUX Social Tabs
This extension is affordable and has a design that I love!!. The support has always been helpful with a small problem I've had.

Both Tulio as Max helped me in small configuration problems I've had with the module. I recommend it 100%. Aesthetically beautiful, as to use is very functional and support deserves applause :)
byMarinaDoc, March 4, 2014
I've always loved directories, and with SobiPro I found a good directory, with which you can get money by having fields that can be paid for, you can have a beautiful design, incredible functionality and EXCELLENT support that is always there for any problems.

Thanks to Isidro, Sikor and all the rest of the support team for being so great!!!
byMarinaDoc, February 18, 2014
I love this extension. It is ideal for websites on topics of nutrition and want to add recipes. I had some small problems Sylvain resolved very quickly and very efficiently. Honestly, worth the money. Aesthetically it is very nice and is quite functional.I love the meal planner!
byMarinaDoc, January 27, 2014
Author Info Box
I purchased this plugin because I wanted to have a detailed information of all authors to write on my website. I had some problems with compatibility with JomSocial 3.1.0 but Viktor solved it in a few hours!
I'm pretty happy with the extension and support. Can you ask for more?
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byMarinaDoc, January 15, 2014
Sticky Footer Menu
Good module, and very quick and helpful support. It would be interesting to be able to change more aspects of design from the module itself, rather than playing css,. Still ... worth buying.
byMarinaDoc, January 12, 2014
Social Share and Vote Button
Given that social networks are the future to share our information ... this plugin is tops!
An easy and highly customizable configuration, and all at an affordable price. I'm chastened free extensions ....
I also recommend buying the Open Graph extension so that everything goes swimmingly.
byMarinaDoc, January 12, 2014
Open Graph Protocol Solution
I had bought the plugin Social Share and Vote Button, which I found very useful, but I had a problem with the part of ShareThis.
The support team recommended to me acquiring this extension and ... works great!

Without it, the whole issue of open graph is a headache. It is useful, easy to use and configure, and very affordable.
byMarinaDoc, January 10, 2014
I loved this extension. It is very useful and the support is excellent. I had some small problems and they have been outstanding drying time to fix it.

Nice to be addressed as well.
byMarinaDoc, March 26, 2013
A very simple installation, and a great support create a good module. And that is something to be thankful for.
byMarinaDoc, December 31, 2012
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
For very little money we have a great component. I love the design. And Douglas is to help in any way necessary. Great extension and great support. I recommend it without hesitation.
byMarinaDoc, November 4, 2012
VM2tags for Virtuemart
The tags for VM2 are a rapid way of being able to have our products to one only click. I adore the tags!! This module presents an elegant aesthetics and a simple managing. Other 10!
byMarinaDoc, November 4, 2012
For the idea that I´d thought for my web, this method was going brilliantly. Jomsocial gives very much game and this module is very useful to stimulate the users who use the web in exchange for points. Fantastic!!
byMarinaDoc, November 4, 2012
Virtuemart AlphaUserPoints payment processor
That the users could obtain points and exchange them by means of Paypal ... it´s a great advance!!. Since always, another extension of Nordmograph that deserves 10.
byMarinaDoc, November 4, 2012
A great help for VM2!! It is very useful to create a shop "multi-vendor" and the support, since always, unsurpassable. The extension fulfills what promises for an attainable enough price.
byMarinaDoc, November 1, 2012
Groups Crowdfunding
I bought it a few weeks ago. I adore these modules!! I´d some problems with jquery and javascript (more of JomSocial was coming) and the support has performed the most attentive thing!! 10 for these modules and 10 + for the support!! Brilliant!!
byMarinaDoc, September 1, 2012
JoomBri Freelance
Excellent extension and excellent support! I give all my trust because the slightest problem you know that you have a support team that is always going to help and it is appreciated. And I speak from experience.