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byMarioP, June 23, 2014
The best from the ones I have tested.
Firstly - very easy, a lot of parameters,
Secondly - multilingual (auto language feature),
Thirdly - responsive,
Last but not least - documentation,
Lastly - the module it's completely free.
Many thanks for the extension.
byMarioP, January 24, 2014
Product Snapshot for Virtuemart
Very useful, simple and time saving plugin. Nice layout. Reliable support even for this, free version. There's no better way to embed Virtuemart 2 product information in an article. I use it to place accessories for specific product in VM product description. Works great. I highly recommend it!
byMarioP, December 24, 2013
VX compareAll products compare
I have been using the extension for almost 1 year, so I can share my experiences from the point of view of the average user - not programmer.
At the very beginning I had to challenge with 2 main problems:
1. Extension supplied own layout - to adapt it to my current layout view I needed to modify it. Additionally I use VM only as a catalogue so my standard layout needed a lot more modifications.
2. 'Live module' problem - selected products did not appear in the module.
Thanks to very helpful support it had managed to solve the first and other minor issues.
When it comes to the second main problem - unfortunately despite the support efforts it still exists. Despite many attempts, set up the site from the scratch and various settings the 'live module' doesn't work properly. VM restricts somehow the module operation...
Besides, the extension works as it should. It has very friendly comparison table layout and useful multilanguage feature. Thanks to template override there's possibility to exclude some VM categories from comparison.
Generally the extension is a very good idea for products comparison but it has many shortcomings. There's a lot things to do.. But the worse thing is the developer stopped to improve the extension - (last update on Oct 17, 2012). Why??
byMarioP, July 30, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
Very fast (the extension as well as technical support), easy to set up, a lot of features, universality. It would be nice to improve the extension by adding some features concerning Virtuemart, but generally Universal AJAX Live Search is REALLY very good search engine.
byMarioP, March 23, 2013
The extension makes my website more attractive. It's very simple to install and easy to use. It works almost perfectly ( the 'add tab' button appears after saved the new product )
Joomla! 2.5.9
VM 2.0.18a
Owner's reply

We've just updated DJ-VMPageBreak with a fix related to the VirtueMart latest version. It fixes the issue you mentioned.
Thanks for using and your review!
More details about the update:

byMarioP, February 6, 2013
Great extension. Very useful and easy to use. Excellent support.