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Mark Piepers

byMark Piepers, April 28, 2010
I have delayed posting my site for nearly 18 months because the way it was set up for me, I could not get Youtube Videos to play.
I found this plug in and presto. It's so easy to get video working. I can't believe I didn't look for a better solution such as this one earlier. This has the goods and more!
byMark Piepers, April 27, 2010
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Nice PayPal Downloads
Being only relatively new to Joomla and setting up a website I encountered problems from the start from my end. It took only one email to have an easy to understand way to sort through my confusion.
The product lives up to it's name it's 'Nice'! It does everything I wanted and more. I bought the whole bundle so that I've future proofed myself. It's great value.
Then when downloading one of the extentions I encountered another problem (this time with my website structure and after the error message I emailed Michael. Again within hours a solution had been sent back to me along with an extension that would fit my site.
The service goes above and beyond what I expected and then some. The back up service competes for top honours with the value of the product.
Thanks Michael and the team.