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byMarkCanada, June 17, 2013
I only use the phone detection (just bought it today), but that works great in my (limited) tests.
I had a responsive template that insisted to render the main menu on tablets like phones.
I now have a desktop template for desktops and tablets and let Chameleon switch it to the responsive just if it detects a phone.
I see lots more potential in this extension.
byMarkCanada, May 29, 2013
Wow Login
I have a Google Analytics plugin installed that can be set to not track a group of users. Well...even though I was logged into the back end it did count me when I was looking at the article I was editing in the front end since we don't have a log-on system for the front-end.
With this it finally works and doesn't count me any more when logged in (to the back end).
byMarkCanada, September 5, 2012
Custom CSS
This module allowed me to "fix" another module on one page that didn't want to show its contents centered.
Added "Module Class Suffix" to that module, entered some CSS in this module to make it center, assign it to the page and done.
No fiddling around with the template files.

byMarkCanada, September 5, 2012
This is one of those extensions that you don't need unless you need it, and then you NEED it.
I was looking at injecting/modifying a class, but only on that one page when using a specific template only (to make it easier on me so I don't have to change the template and load the extra code on every page).
This extension allowed me to use the "Module Class Suffix" to center a "misbehaving" module into its spot easily by applying some extra CSS to it.

Great extension. Thank you.