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byMarquisMarkie, May 19, 2014
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
One day there will be more Joomla extensions as good as this one! Reasonably priced and every functionality you could wish for.
byMarquisMarkie, August 29, 2013
The preceding reviews prompted me to buy with confidence because I was assured of great service should I find that things didn't work out as hoped.

I certainly wasn't disappointed.
The level of service I received was nothing short of outstanding and more than worth the purchase price.
byMarquisMarkie, August 19, 2013
Spider Facebook
I just have to compliment Web Borado on their outstanding service. I had a small problem getting a module to work because of a template conflict. They took care of it for me. Great service!
byMarquisMarkie, July 3, 2013
I installed Easyblog version 3.0 onto a website a while back. For a long time I haven't been able to figure out why this site has been chewing through vast amounts of bandwidth with only a moderate number of visitors indicated in Google Analytics. Today I discovered why.

Trackbacks! Tens of thousands of them which have been added by SEO 'spammers'. And I never even noticed them before, even after looking closely.

Of course this has had disastrous consequences for my SEO, negating all the time spent building new content. I wonder how many other users have become unwitting "linkfarm hosts" in this way.

I've discovered I failed to select the option to not except trackbacks in the settings. Now it's going to take hours to delete all these trackback spam links, thousands of pages displaying 100 trackbacks at a time. (I can't delete so many trackbacks at once without crashing the site.)
Owner's reply


Thank you for taking the time to post up a review.

EasyBlog by default comes with Trackback disabled and we would probably assumed that you have turned this feature on. We can't really do anything much about "spams" as this is way beyond our control but we do have integrations with Akismet that helps with filtering trackback urls as well. You should turn this on by default :)

As for removing the previous spam entries, please do get in touch with us and we'll be glad to help you resolve this.

Thanks again!

byMarquisMarkie, June 5, 2013
Pure Tabs
This is a very low price extension which does everything it's meant to. After activating the plugin, I was able to source a line of code from the support website to place into an article. There are many ways to configure this, I chose to have separate articles for the contents of each tab. The articles' ID numbers are easily spotted and edited in the code.
The only thing that prevented a five star score is that I don't find the 24 alternative designs to be particularly attractive for contemporary website designs. However I was able to edit the, CSS using my very rudimentary CSS skills, by easily finding the required file in the themes folder. I achieved exactly the result I was after. Many thanks to the developer for a well designed plugin at a very reasonable price.
byMarquisMarkie, February 24, 2012
I have experimented with numerous sliders and this is the one that works best IMHO. Whether you want a reasonably simple configuration or more complex configuration alternatives, the power of this extension makes it the most versatile choice.

I have also been impressed with the support which is prompt and professional. Amazing, really, considering this is a freebie.

A recent problem I had has been having the slideshow fade to black (rather than a smooth transition) in the latest version of Firefox. This was fixed with a small edit to the module's style CSS file, thanks to support from the developer on the forum.
byMarquisMarkie, May 25, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
I used this product to link a pop-up lightbox to a separately designed thumbnail.

I had a little difficulty configuring the setup so asked for support. They did the configuring for me and I am delighted with the result.
byMarquisMarkie, April 16, 2011
I've used this extension on many sites and am always really happy with performance.

This is more than a contact form because it has many advanced features that allow it to create all sorts of forms to capture many different types of information. I especially appreciate the way messages are saved and stored in the database, this feature has saved my bacon a few times!

I recently needed to do something out of the ordinary and was very impressed with the service offered by the developer, Alex. It was then that it dawned on me why Alex asks people to register (with no payment required!) to use his extension, it made the enquiry painless. His service was very prompt, enormously helpful and very friendly.

Makes me feel so grateful to be a part of the Joomla community!
byMarquisMarkie, February 22, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
This extension is brilliantly conceived. The documentation is comprehensive with loads of examples of the many possibilities that can be applied.

I have learned there are two ways to add some quite amazing features, either by working directly on Google Maps and feeding the resulting link into this plugin, or by adding simple code to the tags which define where the plugin is positioned.

Thanks to Mike's notes I was able to learn a great deal about how Google Maps works and by copy pasting from his examples was able to try out various tags. The feature-rich result I have now achieved is amazing. A big thank you to this very clever developer.