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I am using this extensions for many years now. I am happy that it is back in the JED.
Every change in your directory structure is reported when running Eyesite.
After a change this is reported as long as you did not accept it. You can have an email when Eyesite discovers a change. You can include and exclude directories, list file extensions to monitor and exclude files from monitoring.
The only thing I must remember is to see and accept all the changes after an update of Joomla or extensions.
Using a (paid) plugin helps to scan your maps on a regular base (every X hour) automated.
byMartijnM, December 1, 2012
Google Analytics Dashboard
If you use Google analytics and want to show the results in the backend of your site you must use this extension. Help, to use the right parameters, is done by a video on the site (you need this!).
I found some issues, which were solved very fast (big support).
As a reward i did send the dutch translation.
Also use Google Adsense Dashboard!
byMartijnM, April 23, 2012
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What? Nothing!
I was using this extension for a long time.
But I must say the performance has speeded up, more than the developer claims. I measured a 20% improvement in the latest release.
But it is as he says "may vary per server/setup"
Owner's reply

I am sorry. The new version should reduce that speed improvement to 0% again.