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byMatthewSchenker, June 6, 2011
NoNumber Extension Manager
Extension Manager keeps track of updates for NoNumber extensions. Although it does not keep track of other developers' extensions, it would be amazing if all developers did something like this.

Here's how it works...

From a nice, clean administrative screen, Extension Manager lists all NoNumber extensions and their version numbers.

That alone is pretty useful. But it does a lot more.

It indicates clearly whether each extension is installed. If the extension is installed, it tells you if there's an update available. Click to update extensions one at a time, or click "update all" to install the latest version of all extensions at once.

It goes beyond updates. It's also an installer for NoNumber extensions. If the extension is not installed, click a button and it's installed for you. Another button lets you install all NoNumber extensions in one click.

Finally, you can use this to re-install NoNumber extensions that are already installed.

All of this can be done without leaving your Joomla administration area.

Even if you aren't using any NoNumber extensions, install Extension Manager just to see how great it is. And while you're there, go ahead and install a couple of NoNumber extensions!
byMatthewSchenker, May 28, 2011
Content Templater
This extension saves time and opens up your creativity in building layouts for your articles.

Like all NoNumber extensions, Content Templater is simple but does so much. It lets you craft your own article layouts, then call up those layouts any time you're creating content.

Using Content Templater you can add straight HTML, code, module references, and whatever else you need to be repeatable.

All you have to do is create a Joomla article, as you are used to doing in Joomla. Add your material, then save the article. Content Templater lets you choose that article as a template for other articles.

An administrative panel lets you view or edit all your available templates. In your WYSIWYG editor, a handy button calls up your list of templates so you can choose which one you want to use.

I've used Content Templater for many sites. Most recently, I used it for an e-commerce site to lay out product pages. I created standard product information, a product gallery, related items listing, and a shopping cart element.

This extension simply makes creating and managing content types natural and easy.

Finally, support is amazing. The developer is friendly, knowledgeable, and very available for help.
byMatthewSchenker, May 23, 2011
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To understand the beauty of this extension, ask yourself three questions...

(1.) Do you ever need to repeat material in various pages of your site (a data table, a grid of photos, or some paragraphs of information)?
(2.) How do you keep track of all the repeatable material?
(3.) How do you insert the repeated material whenever you need it?

My answer to the above questions was...

(1.) Yes, all the time!
(2.) I kept lists I would refer to or created articles with all my repeatable text and material.
(3.) I copied and pasted the repeatable material into whatever article I was working on.

My ability to handle repeatable material improved tremendously with "Snippets."

With this handy extension, you can create all kinds of text, data, images, or any other content ("snippets").

It organizes all your snippets so you can keep track of them or edit them.

You can easily insert snippets into articles. As you're composing an article, use the handy editor button to see all snippets and choose one.

As with so many other NoNumber extensions, "Snippets" is powerful but so simple to visualize and manage, with a clean administrator interface.

Highly recommended!
byMatthewSchenker, April 13, 2011
DB Replacer
Like all NoNumber extensions, DB Replacer is amazing, powerful, and yet so simple to use.

With DB Replacer, you can search and replace material in your Joomla database. Since everything in Joomla is in a database, this means you can search and replace anything in your site.

For example, I had to change a block of text that appeared in 200 articles. In the past, I had to open one article at a time, cut and paste the text, fix any formatting, save the changes, then open the next one and start all over again...

With DB Replacer, I did a site-wide change in one operation.

It "holds your hand" through the process. First, select the database table with the material you want to replace. Then enter the "search" material and "replacement" material. As you go along, live preview helps you confirm what you're going to do.

Click submit. DB Replacer asks you to confirm the changes, then it's done.

Beyond article text, search and replace HTML lines, code, IDs, authors... anything in the database.

I can't say enough about the greatness of this and all other NoNumber extensions.
byMatthewSchenker, March 19, 2011
RSform Pro
I've been using RSForm Pro for a while, and I keep on being impressed by it. It makes creating complex and powerful forms really intuitive.

Form Creation:
Select field types and attributes (validation, sizes, etc), and the fields appear on the screen. Slide fields up or down to reorder them. It's "semi-WYSIWYG" -- not literally what your form will look like. But hit "preview" and you'll see a real-time view.

Form Functions:
Templates come with RSForm Pro. You can customize them with CSS/HTML. The code appears right in a tab in the form-creation area.

Database Functions:
On the back-end, RSForm Pro has a great system for keeping track of submissions. Sort by form number to see submissions, or delete forms and extract fields (i.e., attachments).

Placing Forms in Articles:
A plugin lets you insert RSForms into Joomla articles using {rsform X} wording ("X" = the form number). This works great!

I used RSForm Pro for over a year before I knew what this was for. But once I discovered it, I was deeply impressed. Add PHP or JS elements to forms for special handling. This opens up all kinds of power. For example, I used a script to create a registration form to replace the one that comes with Joomla. Same thing for a login form.

Some Slight Negatives:
The developers at RSJoomla have a ticket support system. They are good about writing back to you very quickly. But they also have a user forum, which does not have very good activity. Every post to the forum gets a bot response saying that the developers only offer assistance through their ticket system. Well this is fine, except they are closed on weekends. So if you experience a problem on a Friday evening 9as I did last week) you have to wait.

The developers need to give the "scripts" capabilities more visibility. If you're not a PHP expert, you will feel lost about how to use this function. They need to offer more examples of scripts.

But these are rather small criticisms of such an amazing product!
byMatthewSchenker, February 11, 2011
Simply genius!

Tabber very quickly became my favorite extension for all tab-like instances. Like other NoNumber extensions, Tabber is so easy to use -- it's elegant and very capable.

Tabber lets you to add tabbed areas right inside any Joomla article or custom HTML module. Of course, there are times when you want your tab extension to be category-based, but there are times when you want to just add the text or images, or whatever you want, right in the article, and that's when you want Tabber.

The developer has even created a very convenient editor button so you can click and insert the tab code, then begin working on it.

The NoNumber forum is very active, and the developer is friendly and accessible.

What a great job!!

One note: As with other NoNumber extensions, Tabber is not full of special transition effects. You have to add those yourself, but that's part of what makes it so good in my opinion.
byMatthewSchenker, February 11, 2011
Like all NoNumber! extensions, Slider is an absolute joy to use. It's so simple in its implementation, but capable of so much.

With Slider, you can create accordion-like features right inside Joomla articles or custom HTML modules. Because you DO NOT have to create categories to make this work, it's really easy to have various instances of Slider for individual articles or modules.

The code is right there to see. It's even easier if you use an editor because the developer has created a friendly button to insert the code as you work in an article.

It's easy to add your own text, images, links, or whatever you want into individual "slides." The CSS is very easy to customize if you want to change the look of Slider parts.

One note: Slider does NOT come packed with all sorts of special effects. You have to add these effects yourself. But this is good for those of us who want to start with a strong base and build from that.

Terrific job!!
byMatthewSchenker, December 17, 2010
JB Type
I've been using Joomlabamboo templates and plugins for a while now and rely on them for my sites. They are simple, clean, and really do the job.

JB Type lets you to add several nice visual elements in your articles by typing simple commands around your text.

It just works!
byMatthewSchenker, June 2, 2009
JCK Editor
I've tried so many editors, I can't even recall them all. But now I'm sticking with JoomlaFCK!

It's got great controls, and an excellent image manager. There is a terrific feature that lets you tweak your table cells and borders with a lot of precision.

The image uploader is great for browsing your site's assets and editing images before or after inserting in the article.

The text insert functions really work for adding MS Word text into the article cleanly.

Keep in mind that the entire field of WYSIWYG editors is still developing. Even with this editor, now and then, some odd things happen. Sometimes formats refuse to "take," or something just doesn't look the same in the final article as it did in the editor. This happens with all editors to one extent or another. But I have found that JoomlaFCK is more reliable than the others and gets closer to true WYSIWYG functionality.

And it's totally free.
Owner's reply

Hi Matthew, we are really pleased you like it. One of the editors leading features is it ability to translate Microsoft Word to HTML. JoomlaFCK is based upon the FCK code which is noted for its abilities in translating theses identities. And - therefore boast in a better-quality translation that those based upon Moxiecode which include JCE and the stock Joomla! editor, tinymce.

byMatthewSchenker, June 2, 2009
Akeeba Backup
I downloaded this application to run a simple backup of my site. I'm not a coding expert, so I needed something easy and straightforward to use. This does it!

It runs the backups and reports clear messages to you at all times.

Best of all, it is easy to use the backup file. Just upload the ZIP file to your server, unpack it, then run it like a Joomla installation. Done!

I have used this application to create clones of my site for testing purposes.