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Matthias Wiemeyer

byMatthias Wiemeyer, October 12, 2014
OSG Seminar Manager
A superb choice for medium sized Seminar Institutions We chose this extension because we wanted to facilitate seminar administration for a small writing academy in Switzerland.

The extension has all the must have functionality out of the box. (Set up courses, display a course list in the front-end, accept bookings, send invoices and attendee-lists, produce course certificates.) Whats more: I am confident that the team behind OSG Seminar Manager is committed to continually developing this extension further. An important consideration for us because we are in the seminar business for the long term and would not want to use an extension that may go away in a year or two.
I have yet to find another free extension with so many useful features packed under its hood. I would have gladly paid a couple of hundred bucks for this package and that is what I donated after everything was up and running.
Thanks OSG Team.
byMatthias Wiemeyer, November 1, 2013
JU Content Slider
I bought this extension because of the good reviews. I thought that the documentation criticism might be because some users were too unexperienced or lacked language capabilities. The truth is: There is no documentation. You have to guess how it works. But once you guessed right, it works well. Installation worked like a charm but then I was lost for a moment.

Here is my hint for a quick start: The extension creates a new option for creating Modules. So what you have to do is create a new module and select the module type "JU Content Slider". You then have a host of styling options to play with. The options are also on display at the demo-site. SO you can try them out and satisfy yopurself that you can manipulate them to your liking.

I had some trouble with that as well and finally asked for support. They were lightning fast and extremely supportive. Within an hour, everything worked well.

Thats why, despite the lack of documentartion, I awarded 5 Stars. This support is so responsive, it easily makes up for the lack of documentation. And with the head start I gave you, you will easily reach your goals with this slider.