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byMaxTech, October 17, 2012
Great concept .. well done .. it's taken years to get something like this in Joomla and you've done it.
Does exactly what it says it will, with no hassles at all.
Thank you :)
byMaxTech, July 2, 2012
yoonique[.]net Zopim
Easy to Setup & Works as Required
- no hassle up and running in no time, no bugs or problems, just what you want ;)
byMaxTech, March 17, 2011
Finally, a solution that takes Joomla "turly" closer to creating some SEO power to rival WP.
Matthias is very talented and I love that someone has done a plugin like this. For anyone who has run WP blogs this functionality is a must for SEO.
Big bonus in WP is that the meta area is below the text, so a you write it updates the meta. J unfortunaely hides it invisibly on the right.
If Matthias can get it to refresh every 100 characters/30secs(??) and be just below the article area so we can see what keywords are being generated from our content then this would be an even bigger winner!!
Well worth the cash, great support, active dev, clients love it (even more with the new version).
Thanks Matt.