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byMcMasters, August 14, 2013
Event Gallery
I give 5 stars because it works, looks fantastic and didn't break anything on a Joomla 2.5 site.

It is not the most intuitive interface, The docs were not clear on how to point to folder. Pointing to a folder in my preferred method for galleries.

I somehow got to a upload popup window (kinda small under the event name - no hover info - it is the little folder icon) and uploaded via the interface.

I clicked the "sync database" button early on and it removed an empty category. I am not sure what that button does and it follows me around at night and scares me now;-)

I can't comment on the "Picasa" aspect, I did not use that feature.

All in all... Stellar work, thank you very much.
byMcMasters, October 17, 2012
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
I was banging my head against the wall trying to either write my own app, or find a way to have a link trigger a SMS message to my phone. I don't want any more monthly fees (I have quite enough of those) and my open source live support options don't offer phone apps.
When I came across this extension I immediately jumped at the chance to try it.

It has a ton of cool features that my open source solutions don't have or don't do well.

I give this extension 5 stars not because it is perfect but because it does everything it says and I can see past the small surface issues it has.

I only have two issues:
1. Changing out the online/offline image doesn't work from admin area. (there are work arounds)
2.I would like to see status bar notifications to be added to the mobile app. That way I can choose how to be notified. Currently it rings with my default ring and does a really quick vibrate. If status bar notifications was available I could have my phone pick from various tones, alerts, banners, vibrations etc. with third party notification app. I hope to see status bar notifications in the future.
The desktop support panel is very cool and works well, page pushing works, send invite works, it ALL seems to work.

Like I said, a few quirky bugs. But since this is the only one of it's kind I give it 5 stars.

Peter T is very helpful and quick in getting you setup. (be prepared to call you hosting provider) and ask the change some settings in the Apache mod_security if you want to monitor other domains.

If you want a way to monitor you website 24/7 this is the only extension with apps for android/blackberry/iOS.
byMcMasters, February 2, 2012
As of this writing. This is the only combining plugin that works for all pages my website - a J2.5 site. Specifically there was an inline script for an upload button on a FoxContact form that all the other plugins kept rewriting. (even with the JS and clean/minify HTML disabled!?)
Anyhow for sites with multiple components and scripts this is the one to get.
It took a couple of hours to get working to maximum efficiency, I found the easiest way was to look at my source code, and combine the css in that order, as for the JS it was mootools-core, jquery.js then the rest as sourced. The htaccess based rewriting didn't work for me even though I use rewrites with other apps. No Biggie. It did what I wanted.
byMcMasters, August 8, 2011
Flexi Contact
I love the app. Easy to use, install, set-up etc.

I downloaded version 5 and while I do see the more traditional component interface and improvements as mentioned above and on your website... I can only seem to make one form now??

Ver 4 allowed a basic form; i.e. name: - email - comment.
And as many other forms that you might need. With different fields : phone numbers - drop-downs - address - custom fields out the wazoo.
All with the ease of adding a new menu item.

Is version 5 a one trick pony with a thank you page and logging or am I missing something? -

This is not a complaint (your hard work is appreciated and your app gets 5 stars)
Just a question for us version 4 long time users?