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byMediaEventi, April 17, 2013
That's a useful plugin, just installed and got it working. No pain, it worked immediately.
byMediaEventi, November 13, 2012
Simplest but effective extension used since I work on Joomla. I needed to let the user a quick logout solution and this works great!
byMediaEventi, January 6, 2010
nBill Lite
This tool could be very usefulo for users, but the author needs to make a working demo for this component.
byMediaEventi, December 26, 2009
Content Uploader
This component has a big potential...really! (sorry for my english, I'm italian)

The autor should consider:
- adding an example excel file (call it a template, a starting point for new users)
- adding more detailed documentation
- the component should not strip out html tags that finds in the table fields (except from the first column=title).

You should consider also making a new component similar to this one, dedicated to joomfish: imagine the possibility to upload translations for a large number of articles at once!

I'm available to support this project by translating in italian
byMediaEventi, December 18, 2009
Include Component
This plugin saves a lot of time because you can virtually create your custom content page, something that would be virtually impossible to achieve in other ways!
byMediaEventi, December 14, 2009
Very useful, also to showcase services.

I have a problem with breadcrumbs and sef settings (router.php doesn't set the right path for the category). Hope this will be fixed!

Anyway, a good companion for Joomla!