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Akeeba Backup
So extremely easy to use and so extremely useful. I am wondering if I can use it to migrate my site from one url to another. Hopefully so, because so far I have had a great experience with it.
Owner's reply

Of course you can! In fact, there is no platform ar architecture barrier. You can even take a backup on a 32-bit Windows machine and restore it on a 64-bit Linux server with different MySQL and PHP versions. We tried to make migrating your site a piece of cake. Give it a try and you'll be convinced.

byMeghiddo, March 27, 2010
BonckoWall ImageWall
The interface was amazing, I very much wish I could have used this. It worked great when i displayed all flickr photos for a single flickr member. But when i tried to display a set, only a blank cooliris interface was shown with no pics.
By the way, this is how it is on the boncko site demo too; the same issue of no pics coming up with the demo they are showing to display a set.
I emailed support, hoping they could fix it and I would use it, but then when I decided to switch the article back to showing just the flickr user photos like it was from the start, the blank interface remained. Unfortunately that means this plugin may be a little iffy for what I am trying to do, so i have to go with something else. It really is amazing though which is why I still gave it three stars. Just needs some bugs worked out still

I dont know if it is possible to change a review, but I would like to do so for the review I gave here. Though it was extension problems, the creator has been extremely helpful and fixed the issue for me, so I believe they deserve 5 stars. Dont know if this is possible at all.
Owner's reply

I ve fix the problem in my demo site and every bugs reported me

byMeghiddo, March 25, 2010
I definitely agree with one of the below reviews, this should be included with joomla right from the beginning!

I was having issues with my css files chmod permissions changing every single time I would edit them from the joomla interface, making them un-writable. Now I just use this component, and have no problems at all. Plus it lets you EASILY re write permissions to files just by r-clicking them and changing permissions.

Great, great component