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Users should be aware that a previous, non-commercial version of the plugin (by the same name) suddenly stopped working for some users, resulting in a total lockout from their site. While the developer posted instructions (both a Joomla uninstall AND manual DB table row deletion), many posters (including me) wondered why it suddenly stopped working. Seems to have happened when the commercial version appeared. The developer provided no answer. While the plugin worked as advertised, it's been a hassle to disable it.
Owner's reply

We stopped supporting jSecure 1.0 but I can assure you that at the time we stopped supporting the project it was running properly. For more details, go to our forums. Most of the time these issues are due to human error. We switched to a subscription model to cope with the time and energy it takes to maintain a security component at the highest level possible (thus jsecure 2.0).