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byMeloman, April 4, 2010
Editor Switcher
That's a very useful plugin. I thought about coding one myself that does exacly that.

The only problem is there's absolutely no documentation. It took me some time to figure that I need to set my default editor to "Editor switcher". I though a button would appear on the bottom of the editor.
byMeloman, March 14, 2009
The component is good but I don't like that I need to install a plugin for emoticon, then another one for captcha, then another one for avatar, and have to configure them all. Yuri wrote a lot of documentation to help setting all that. But I don't think I should need to read that much instructions to install a simple comment extension. It would be nice if everything was integrated in one extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for going through all these installation steps. Of course I agree that single install package for all needed features is more convenient than “integration” of several selected extensions. The problem is that different people need different “single install packages”. Even for “commenting” that seems so simple and that in fact is not simple at all. – This is why yvComment documentation (including history of changes) is so long.
Let me ask you if you want _one_ Captcha for your site (for Comments, for Login form, for some Contact form…) of you prefer different Captchas for different tasks? Or maybe you like to have one set of Smileys for comments and another – for News? … This is exactly why such extensions like Captcha and Smiley are not built into yvComment package: they are for the whole Joomla! site a not for Comments only.
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