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byMerlyn, January 27, 2012
Clean Response
I am a beginner at site creation and i decided to install Adminexile which was quick, easy and worked a treat!
I installed Clean Response but failed to really read the installation documents and advice from the developer.
My site went blank, similar to Olin's below and i was desperate.
I tried a few things but still only a blank screen.
I contacted the developer and within an extremely short time they replied with a courteous, extremely informative and detailed method for rectifying the problem.
When i receive bad customer service i am always the first to complain and complain the loudest. I rarely take the time to give good service the recognition it deserves, yet the support and service i received in this instance was outstanding.
Problem is solved and all due to a great developer with awesome customer service!
I never receive the quality of service when i pay for it! Certainly never expected it for free software!
I highly recommend this product purely on service alone, not to mention the great functions of the product itself!
Keep up the great work!
Owner's reply

My free extensions are my business card. When users enjoy my free extensions, and appreciate my customer service - they are more likely to become customers.

Thanks for the great review!