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ACL Manager
ACL Manager just makes it so much easier to deal with your ACLs. It is quite possible to do ACL work without ACL Manager, but this is just such a -huge- time saver.

Then there is also the extra features, that are built into ACL Manager, that lets you hide articles which the user is not permitted to edit. Not to speak of the module benefits as well.
My advice, go get it right away if you work with ACLs, best purchase you'll make!

I recently contacted the ACL Manager support, regarding an issue that they really could just reject since it was slightly outside their support. But within 30 minutes they had skimmed through code and worked out a way for me to deal with the issue. Brilliant support, i would never except any seller to provide support that lies "beyond" their product, but it's just such a HUGE help when they do feel charitable ;)

Thanks ACL Manager!