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I was amazed at the EasyBlog customer support team. I invested in another big name Joomla blogging tool and am still waiting customer support resolution 3 days later. The EasyBlog team helped me resolve the installation glitch starting at 11 PM on a Friday night and had me up and running before 3AM Saturday morning. I was absolutely amazed at their courteous responses and immediate support. I am thrilled with the ease of set-up and features of EasyBlog Pro and it is integrating perfectly with Joomla 1.6 and JomSocial 2.2. I understand that EasyBlog is also 1.7 ready as well. I am wowed by the ability to have a site wide blog as well as individual user blogs. The integration with JomSocial is really smooth and there are several plug-in extensions that really add lots of JomScoial specific features. If you have narrowed down your Blog component selections to just a few product choices, you should really use EasyBlog as your benchmark. Meanwhile, as I am blogging with EasyBlog Pro I will continue the process of getting a refund from the other major JomSocial compatible blog firm... Wish me luck! EasyBlog's customer support has completely won me over. MY RATING 5 out of 5***** Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah