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byMiddleman, September 12, 2013
Another great extension. Simple to install and easy to use with good options. Thanks.
byMiddleman, September 12, 2013
I have just loaded Sigplus to a new Joomla 3.1 site I am building and although I don't have much experience I found it easy to load and use. It took a little while to realize I had a blank page because I loaded pictures that were too big. Thanks for a great extension. Just what I need.
byMiddleman, July 13, 2013
Phoca Gallery
This seems like a very good extension. However after a few weeks trying to use it I failed because the documentation is not clear enough for a person with my limited experience. Although I have created my own website and installed RSGallery2 on it. Because RSGallery2 has not been up graded to J3 I needed to replace it Maybe what is needed is a Phoca for Dummies. Certainly more complete documentation would help.
Owner's reply

Hi, not sure if you have read the Phoca Documentation here:

1) Most of users say, that it is great that such free extension has a lot of documentation, so it is very subjective to say, the documentation is not clear enough - of course documentation of Joomla! needs to be read too as it is fully Joomla! component. And of course, not everything can be added to documentation and sometimes it is not clear enough, e.g. if the feature should be documented in Phoca or in Joomla! And of course, the Phoca project is made by one human, so it is really hard sometimes to update the documentation. And more harder to update documentation for extension which is done for Joomla! which is not stable LTS yet (Phoca Gallery 4 and Joomla! 3 - first all the plugins and modules needs to be written and then the documentation can be updated.)

2) "person with limited experience" - the next thing what users appreciate, is, there are Jonathan's comments. Jonathan stared with Phoca Galley and he was very new to Phoca and Joomla! and after he understood it, he gave me the offer to make comments for novices - so Phoca Gallery documentation includes comments for novices made by Jonathan who knew the novice's problems as he was in fact novice while writing the comments - the documentation.

So I think, this can be called: "Phoca for Dummies" and if you will use Phoca Gallery again, will be great you can write comments too, so this will help other people. I will be glad to implement such comments into documentation. And if you write new parts of documentation, this will be great too. You will be welcome.

Anyway, always if you will have problems which you cannot find in documentation - then just ask in Phoca Forum - - I or Benno we are trying to answer all the questions in the forum.

And of course before reviewing any free extension, you should know the following:

Thank you for understanding.