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byMightec, September 30, 2014
I am looking for a Front-End editor so that me clients can edit articles, upload images and also create new articles all from the Front-End.

I found this extension and I must say that I am very impressed with its features, after all this is a FREE extension.

I would recommend this extension to Joomla! users.
byMightec, September 18, 2014
Migrate Me
I needed to upgrade an existing Joomla! 1.5 website, lots of data, many extensions, a potential pain, a big job.

Understandably I was nervous of migrating from Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3, I had heard of many of the disaster stories.

I read the other reviews posted here and decided to give it ago. I went like a dream, I could not believe how easy it was, the process is very straight forward, not a hitch.

I cannot recommend this extension enough, it solves a major problem for many established Joomla! websites.

This is a 5 Star Rated product.
Event Gallery
I was searching for a new gallery for a photographic society, something with a WOW and I certainly got it with Event Gallery.

AS others have said and not wishing to repeat the fact but the features and benefits are truly awesome, a 'word' I rarely used, but in this case it is the only word to use.

I am using and reviewing the FREE version, it has so many feature you would thing that you are paying top dollar for the product.

I am a person that likes documents and these documents are very good, the only minor problem is the use of 'English', but that is not important.

You must try this product, you will not regret it.
byMightec, August 11, 2014
I would just like to echo what others have said regarding this excellent Joomla!/MailChimp extension.

It is FREE but there should be a way of offering a donation to the developer, if there is, can someone point this out to me.

I didn't have any problems setting up the module, I was able to position it where I wanted, the link into MailChimp worked almost first time, cannot ask more than that from a FREE extension.

I have made a request via the developers forum, to a 'Wishlist', asking if there was any way that I could link the module to a popup. The sort of thing that sits off to one side of the website/browser. Daniel has come back to say that he will try to incorporate this feature in the next version, if he can, that will make this the BEST extension that I have working and it is FREE.
byMightec, December 26, 2013
CoalaWeb Social Links
This is a complete package, what a great find, does everything that I want and a lot more, only downside is that there is so much choose. Will always use this extension above others.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to give CoalaWeb Social Links such a great review I really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to drop by the forum with any ideas for improvement or feature requests.

byMightec, December 19, 2013
Pure Tabs
I like the use of sliders and/or tabs in a responsive web designed website and this extension is just great, no more than that it is the BEST TABS extension around.

It is a Commercial extension, but don't let that put you off, because you only get what you pay for and with this extension you get the lot.

I normally use another developers extension and I only found this extension because my usual extension could not provide me with what I wanted or I was not able to get it to achieve my needs.

I am no CSS expert, but I was able to customise this extension so that it fitted well on my website and had the right feel of the main template.

The developer talked me through the customise process, not only did he do that but he also offered to produce a tutorial so that I and other that will follow had a good method to work with, excellent service.

I said that it was a Commercial extension and it is, but at a give away price, it is worth a lot more.
byMightec, November 11, 2013
Great Product, it work really well, although I did have a problem at the start, this was mainly due to using Joomla! 3.1.5. The developer quickly identified the problem and issued an update of the product.
byMightec, November 11, 2013
JS By Itemid
I had a need to call a particular function on my website and JS by ITEMID did the trick, what a great little product. I had a couple of problems getting it to work, NOTHING to do with the product but my website set-up. Once I had resolved these then, it did what it said it would do, no fuss and no proble.

Along the way I had excellent support and service from the developer, he could not have been more helpful.
byMightec, February 24, 2013
I was looking for a way of presenting a photo gallery, so I thought that I would try using Tabs and Modules Anywhere, it worked like a dream. This is another great product from NoNumber,nl, well done Peter.
byMightec, September 8, 2012
Unite Nivo Slider
When I first used the extension, the version was not responsive, but the good fellows at Unite advised that they where very close to launching a responsive version.

Sure enough last week they emailed me that they had completed the extension and they provided me the module and plugin to try it out. I am not sure if the version on JED is the responsive version.

I was at first getting an jQuery conflict, but they resolved that for me, it was a bit of a work around, caused more by the template that I was using and not Unite Nivo Slider.

I have now tested it with an Artisteer 4.0 BETA 2.0 template and it works just fine no problems, see the second reference link.

Also of all the sliders around, and there are a lot based on the Nivo Slider, the Unite version offered the best user guide for its installation and configuration.

If you are looking for a responsive slider, look no further.
byMightec, May 21, 2012
JW Player Advanced
I finally purchased JW Player and a years support, I must say the support is second to none, I cannot praise the admin staff enough, I got complete commitment and resolved my set-up problems.

I must also say, that it is not an easy software package to set-up, although this is off-set by the support given.

I think that I made the right decision, and I am sure that my website visitors will have a good experience, thanks to the capability of this product and how well it interfaces with Joomla.

One very, very pleased customer.
byMightec, March 10, 2012
Frontend Content Manager
What a great, fantastic extension, it is very easy to use, and offers complete control from the frontend, everyone should use this extension.
byMightec, February 26, 2012
ARI Fancybox
I have been searching for an image carousel to front my website and needed an extension to show in a lightbox. After a little while I chose this plug-in and it look fantastic.

I had a little difficulty setting it up initially, but I got a fantastic level of support from the developer and soon got it working to my satisfaction.

I am a little surprised that it does not have a higher satisfaction value.

I would strongly recommend the product to anyone that is looking to enhance the working of the ARI Cloud Carousel.
byMightec, February 15, 2012
ARI Cloud Carousel
I have been searching for an image carousel to front my website, looked at a number which never gave me what I was looking for, then after an extensive crawl through the Extensions Directory I found this module.

I had a little difficulty setting it up initially, but I got a fantastic level of support from the developer and soon got it working to my satisfaction.

Because of this I think that the instructions could be improved, however, the support more than makes up for this.

I am a little surprised that it does not have a higher satisfaction value.

I would strongly recommend the product to anyone that is looking for a straight forward, clean looking carousel.
byMightec, February 6, 2012
Simple Youtube
What a great simple module, had it up and running in no time, thanks.
byMightec, February 6, 2012
What a great little plugin, added a new dimension to my website, can not be bettered.
byMightec, February 6, 2012
Tabs GK4
I am new to Joomla and I was looking for a tabbed form, found TABS GK4 and what I joy it is to use. I wanted to change a couple of things in the form but could not see how to do it, my failing not the extension. Contacted the Support desk and got a lot of help from Paulina, thank you for all of your assistance.
byMightec, December 30, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
I can fully understand why people are so taken with this excellent plugin, it works a treat, but if you have problems, as I did get it to work, the developer was there to resolve the problems.

The problems was of course all of my making, I had the wrong code or I hadn't edited the code correctly.

What a joy, thanks for all of your help, I think that this is a great product and does all and more that you would expect.