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byMikeHell, June 8, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
Worked great, thank you. :) You saved me from maybe a weeks worth of rebuilding a site from scratch again.

This great component allowed me to successfully transfer a medium sized site to a new webhost [from yahoo to servage], also moving from a mysql 4 db to mysql 5.

The first attempt ended up timing out, but the second attempt worked fine. Took maybe 15-20 minutes to backup all files and database into a zip file.

On the second attempt I made sure to exclude the joomla cache directory and disabled the joomla cache module I had installed. Turned off error reporting as recommended and I deleted any excess templates that I wouldn't be using.

Might not be neccessary but I thought it might help if there was less to backup.

Reinstalling the site required quite a few changes to the configuration.php file since it was going onto a brand new host & new database. Make sure your settings are correct here.

Importing the database during the reinstall gave me errors. I found I had to delete all DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 from the sql file for it to import correctly..

From this:

to this:

Once I did that it was a smooth installation and the site has now transfered perfectly with all settings/modules/configuration intact.

Would recommend this tool to anyone with the need to backup and transfer a site quickly and completely.