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byMilkey, May 29, 2012
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This is an excellent extension, working very neatly, easily and effectively. Makes thumbnails for all the images that are resized, thus saving the load of the site, and lets you magnify them to their original size in a popup. Really great overall!

N.B.: However, it can't render 100% width/height parameter! It makes 100%=100px thumbs. As the use of this dynamic % param is important for me on my site, as well as for many other site owners, so in this case such a good extension unfortunately becomes useless... Hope the developers solve this issue, then I'd love to use the plugin!

N.B.#2: Another note... Now when enabled plugin captures ALL resized images on site. However, it would be good to have only some categories selected, articles too!

So overall it's a great extension, surely the best in operation from all I've tried in the category, but still needs some essential developments.